Services for owners of a property

on the French Riviera & The Var



Be in holiday all year long !


Whether you are the owner of a principal residence or a holiday home, Infinitives Services is here to help you with the administration and management of your property.

Infinitives Services is always on hand, ready to answer all your needs when it comes to the management and maintenance of your property on the Cote d'Azur, from Cannes-Mandelieu to Villefranche-sur-Mer, whether on the coast or in the countryside.

Many property owners, living in France and abroad, have already entrusted us with their villa.

Whether you are away often or only occasionally, the important thing is not to carry the sole responsibility for the management of your property.

Infinitives Services offers to become your first port of call, a single point of contact which can be trusted to put at your disposal all their experience and know-how, seven days a week.

Thanks to our very wide network of contacts and our partner organisations, we can respond to all your needs, and allow you to benefit from the keenest prices.

To contact one of our partners, you can either use the "Our Partners" page or email us, so that we can put you in touch with them, at no cost to you.

Because your own requirements will be both varied and personal, the list of services below should be treated as illustrative only:

Essential services:

  • Carrying out a thorough check of the house ( electrical goods, automatic gates, boiler, lighting, bathroom and sanitary fittings, swimming pool and out-buildings ).
  • Ensuring the proper functioning of the security alarm and its sensors
  • Managing the delivery of fuel, whether gas or oil
  • Dealing with the post, according to your instructions
  • Ensuring that the house is thoroughly cleaned, both inside and out, before each arrival and after every departure
  • Power washing the exterior terraces, paths, parking and turning areas, the paving around the pool or the jacuzzi and the garages.

Preparing the villa for new arrivals:

Shopping, preparation of meals, airport transfers, turning on the heating in winter or the air-conditioning in summer, setting out the garden furniture in the Spring or before each arrival, putting it away it on departure or in the Autumn. Cleaning and getting the car ready, as required.
Checking the garden, the pool and its equipment and the automatic plant watering system
Choosing the flowers for containers and planters all year round, in consultation with the gardener, as requested

Additional Services:

  • Entertainment and leisure, booking restaurants, theatre and opera tickets, spa treatments, hiring vehicles or boats, massage or health and beauty treatments at home, baby-sitting
  • Arranging payment of a range of invoices, charges and taxes
  • Providing a detailed breakdown of expenditure, including petty cash and withdrawals from bank accounts set up for the management of the property
  • Dealing with all property administration and its associated paperwork
  • Legal issues: assembling paperwork, writing letters as requested, instructing lawyers and progress-chasing
  • Advice on the rights and responsibilities of property owners in France
  • Seeking out the best providers of any particular service and obtaining estimates for all kinds of work.
  • Scrutiny of proposals and advice on the best solutions for all proposed work to the property
  • Acting as agent for small works of repair or refurbishment
  • Settling invoices for companies carrying out work on your behalf
  • Following up any work which you have commissioned and providing regular progress reports
  • Organising parties or functions, providing a chef at the house
  • Help and /or advice on recruiting staff
  • Dealing with the administrative formalities of employment, together with an accountant
  • Training staff
  • Overseeing staff, regularly ensuring that tasks are being fully carried out, or periodic checks when requested, re-organisation of duties and improvements as necessary
  • If you wish, we can provide reports, with photographs to illustrate

1. The ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the property
2. Necessary improvements and small repairs, areas of repainting etc required
3. Improvements to provide increased comfort, or redecoration either for your personal needs or in the context of seasonal letting

Management of Holiday rentals:

  • Dealing with arrivals and departures
  • Preparing the property and its grounds
  • Locking away all your personal possessions, including clothes and toiletries as well as foodstuffs
  • Locking the wine cellar and your dressing rooms
  • Briefing the staff, if there are existing staff, and last minute checks
  • Providing a selection of local products for immediate consumption, as a welcome gesture, if required
  • Meeting and settling in new arrivals
  • Providing visitors with keys, key pads and a complete explanation of everything they need to know, so that there holiday can pass without incident (How the alarms work, the electricity, heating, air-conditioning, telephones, TV, the pool alarm and the electrical goods)

We are always happy to hear suggestions, or to consider requests which would enable us to bring you an even greater degree of comfort in the management of you property or to make your daily life easier.

Please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss with you the services which best suit your requirements.

You can request our brochure by simply filling in the email form on the "Contact Us" page