Concierge services for private individual & company



Making the most of your life, every day, whether you are a company or an individual form Monaco to Fayence


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Infinitives Services has a range of services at your disposal, designed to make your life more pleasurable, whether day to day, on holiday or on the move, and giving you time to do what you want.

Our aim is to find solutions tailored to your needs and to do so as fast as possible.

Our address book is there for you, so that we can provide you with high quality services.

Our partners are carefully chosen, experts in their many different fields.

Because your requests will be very varied and very particular, the list below is only illustrative of the services which we can provide, whether your needs are related to your stay on the Côte d'Azur or whether they arise, quite simply, from your daily life.

Services for Individuals:

  • Domestic Staff: a cleaning lady, baby-sitter, caretaker, housekeeper, waiter, butler, personal assistant
  • Entertaining: a chef at home, waiting staff, caterers
  • Reservations and Planning: tickets for shows, hotel reservations, restaurant bookings
  • Car and Yacht Rental: All types of vehicles and boats may be hired, valet, taxi, VTL, Heli Air Monaco
  • Vehicle maintenance: Buying and selling, cleaning, checking and maintenance, management appointments (review, technical, inspections)
  • Shopping: for food, for household goods, all personal shopping
  • Beauty and Wellness at home : barber, beautician, makeup, massage, yoga, fitness coach, nutrition coach
  • Deliveries : flowers, newspapers, fresh produce, shopping, laundry, wine, champagne
  • Repairs, maintenance and installation, building works from minor repairs to full renovation
  • Investigation and advice on interior works to the house - acting together with an architect, where necessary, on external works
  • Security: security firms, guarding, bodygard, specialist security staff

Services for businesses:

  • Property maintenence, with or without a contract
  • Delivery : meal trays, newspapers, fresh produce, shopping, flowers, cigars, pharmacies and drugstores, wine, champagne
  • Purchases of furniture, fittings, arranging dry-cleaning
  • Undertaking a variety of administrative tasks
  • Reservations and Planning: travel arrangements, tickets for shows, hotel reservations, restaurant bookings
  • Rental of all types of vehicles and boats
  • Well-being: massage at work
  • Emergency repairs, maintenance and installation of appliances, building works from minor repairs to full renovation
  • Investigation and advice on interior works- acting together with an architect, if necessary, on external works

Please do not hesitate to ask for more details about our Concierge Services - use the email link in Contact us.

Our contracts are tailor-made to your requirements, whether they are part of an annual service or a response to an immediate requirement.